3 Benefits of Working With a Female Personal Trainer

Although everyone has their own preferences when it comes to working out, many women enjoy working out with a female personal trainer. Over the past couple of years, the clients at Results Fitness, a women’s fitness studio in Nashua, NH, have discovered many benefits of working with a female personal trainer, especially the following three:

  1. female personal trainer nashua nhUnderstanding – When it comes to issues women experience, sometimes it seems like the only people who can understand are fellow women. Feeling bloated? Have cramps that are slowing you down on the treadmill? A female personal trainer will not only understand these problems, but will also likely be able to relate to them herself, and offer helpful advice to help you get through your workout. Simply in an “off” mood? Many of the clients at Results Fitness have found that when they begin their workout feeling a little down after having a bad or stressful day, they leave in much higher spirits.

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Best of Nashua

Thank you to all the clients & friends of Results Fitness Studio for the "Best of Nashua 2013" in Fitness. We took honorable mention and we were beaten out by the YMCA (okay, I can handle that - they are huge!). Your devotion to the Studio is very much appreciated and I am so happy you consistently find the workouts challenging & fun! Spread the word to all your friends - Results Fitness Studio & you working together to reach your fitness & health goals!
This month at Results Fitness Studio we are gearing up for the holidays with the "Holiday Ready Challenge". Clients give to the kitty and the client who has loss the most body weight percentage will contribute the kitty to a local charity. Results Fitness Studio will match the kitty donation. The contest ends on December 1st. The winner and the chosen charity will be posted on the Results Fitness Studio Facebook page.

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Results Fitness Studio - Nutrition 101

Results Fitness & Training Studio - Nutrition 101 & Grab & Go Recipes
 The summer is winding down and with it goes cookouts & cocktails. Maintaining a healthy nutritional diet during the summer months can prove difficult, we are more social and our schedules are less stringent, but fall is fast approaching and so are our routines. This is a positive for those of us, like the clients of Results Fitness Studio, who enjoy making healthy nutritional choices. The key to making healthy choices each day is being prepared. Prepping on the weekend for the week ahead is essential. Below you will find some helpful recipes that we encourage the clients of Results Fitness Studio to make & enjoy. Grab & Go Meals, premade and ready for your busy week.

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Walking / Stretching / Nutrition (SUGAR)

Results Fitness Studio is a happy to see that Summer is here! It is a short season in NH so take the time to embrace every moment:) Along with the strength/balance/core workouts you are doing at the Studio, it is also the perfect time of year to create a new healthy habit in your life .... Walking! Begin a walking routine now and by the time winter rolls around you will not miss that walk because you will not want to give up the energy you feel from that daily walk.

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Results Fitness Studio - March 2013

Results Fitness & Training Studio is excited to welcome in the season of Spring! Warmer temperatures (we hope), longer days, & a renewed energy to work towards our goals of being fit & healthy. At Results Fitness Studio our clients work on being fit & strong but also on nutrition. We frequently discuss the "yeses" and "nos" of eating healthy. A major topic is sugar and the less the better. Below you will find an article by Mark Bittman, It's the Sugar, Folks, from the NY Times Feb 2013. Please take the time to read it.

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