I joined Results Fitness 2 ½ years ago. I was feeling tired all the time and was overweight. I have since lost 22 pounds and keeping it off for the first time. I have more energy and am so much stronger. I am amazed at the things I can do now, that in the beginning looked impossible. Christina encourages and motivates us. I would highly recommend this program.

Nashua, NH

Motivation has always been an issue, yet Results Fitness has put to bed  20 years of excuses. The commitment,  camaraderie  and fun that Christina and members provide has resulted in me sticking with it and  feeling so much better these days – physically and mentally. I fully recommend giving it a try.

Annette Sotheran-Barnett

I’ve never liked to exercise, but my daughter's engagement gave me the encouragement I needed to go meet Christina Linnehan, the owner of Results Fitness Studio on Main Street in Nashua. I saw her advertisement in the Telegraph earlier this year and wanted to meet her before I signed up. When I met her, she immediately made me feel good about participating in her program. She combines fitness with nutrition to help you not only achieve your weight loss goals but also to work toward a healthier overall lifestyle. Over the past six months, I have made steady progress toward my goals that she and I are both proud of, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Nashua, NH

I came to Results Fitness for strength training after dealing with multiple shoulder surgeries. Christina took the time to learn about my injury, assess my abilities and is constantly watching my progress to do the exercises. She modifies each exercise to meet the needs of the individual client – sometimes 4 students will be doing different levels of the activity in one session! Christina is committed to providing a fun, challenging and individualized program. I am so excited that in four months I am stronger, thinner and more confident in the gym than ever before!


Last July I had just returned from a vacation with my husband when I really faced the fact that I was not at all happy about my weight and fitness level. I have always cared about how I looked and my health but at 54 I felt like maybe I was just getting older and I just had to accept it. It seemed that every time I would work out, I would pull a muscle in my knee or strain my back. That day I went online and started to search out options. When I saw the ad for Christina's place it sounded like a great idea. It was a place to work out with a personal trainer in a very small group. That's the day I met Christina. She was so supportive and upbeat that I found myself at her studio going through a workout that day. I have never looked back. I have lost weight, I am eating healthy and my fitness is better than I could have imagined. Christina works us hard but it is fun and rewarding. With workouts limited to no more than four women, she watches every move and corrects positions constantly so we don't hurt ourselves. She modifies moves for each person. She knows what she is doing and I am very happy I made a call that day.


I am a black belt in kickboxing, a kick boxing instructor and a certified MMA trainer. I thought that I was eating healthy and knew a lot about working out and being fit.......well, Christina can even kick my butt and whip me into better shape! Since training with Christina, I have lost 12 pounds and 6% bodyfat! She is very motivating, supportive and keeps you on track. She mixes up the sessions to keep it fun and interesting. She is very diligent about form and ensuring that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely while getting the best results. Thanks Christina!


"What a difference Results Fitness has made in my life! I’ve lost 61 pounds in my weight loss journey, but, more importantly, I feel healthier than I’ve felt in years! I have energy, stamina and flexibility now, and I feel as if I’m in control of my health and my life! Christina is an amazing trainer, tailoring each workout program to each person. I feel challenged but never overwhelmed during my workouts, and I’m able to do things I never could before. I love it here!"

Coleen, age 61

Skiing, biking, hiking, golf! All activities I enjoy today with renewed strength and enjoyment. After many years away from real exercise, I have been working out three times a week for nearly two years with Christina and the results for me are real and dramatic! She is a talented, dedicated professional who will match your workout to your fitness level and help you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals. She knows how to modify your workouts in safe way if you are nursing an injury, and she knows when to push you to move to the next level. She is always up beat, yet demanding. You can’t ask for more in fitness coach than Christina! She has my highest recommendation and my deepest gratitude!

Katherine Gregoire
Chelmsford, MA

So, have you decided that THIS time, you are really going to lose that weight and get fit?

I met Christina about 19 months ago. I was an obese 52 year old who was just sick and tired of the way I looked. Christina was the main key to my success! I am down over 20 pounds and STILL motivated to lose more. I never thought I could look like this at my age!

Christina will give you a series of workouts that will seem endless. She will consistently correct your form to help you avoid injury. (how did she always seem to know that I was not engaging my abs? I still haven't figured that one out!) Christina even gave me a good workout when I was working through an impingement in my shoulder. You can trust that she knows her business!

Christina combines a mix of pure tenacity, professionalism, and good old know-how! She never has an "off" day, she will take your well-being personally, and then she will take it to the next level.

Put your trust in Christina. It will be one of the sure bets that you won't regret.

Anne Marie Thomas
Chelmsford, MA