Why Join?

Results . . . are what you will achieve when you follow the Results program.

At RESULTS Fitness in Nashua, NH, your unique fitness & nutrition program will be customized so that you will meet & exceed your goals. We are committed to your success and we will ask you for that same commitment in order for you to attain total health & fitness.

Energetic . . . small group training sessions are at RESULTS.

As a client at RESULTS you will reap the rewards of working out in a small group. Small group fitness training provides you an experienced and energized trainer and the energy of your peers, creating an environment that fuels success through hard work, commitment, peer support, & fun. You will leave each training session feeling energized, ready to face the day, & proud of your amazing workout!

Strength . . . begins at your core & at RESULTS you will work it!

Strength & fitness begins at your core and at RESULTS our trainers will increase your strength & mobility by designing a total body workout session with your core as the primary focus. You will be challenged and have fun as you work in a small group session; energized by your peers and challenged by your trainer.

Unrivaled . . . & experienced trainers at RESULTS.

Our trainers will design a unique & total body program based on your goals, abilities & lifestyle, incorporating; strength training, cardio, nutrition, & support. We will meet with you bi-weekly to assess your progress and if necessary revise your program in order for you to continue to move toward your goals, be challenged, and to see results. Our trainers will keep you motivated!

Leveled . . . & progressive training at RESULTS.

At RESULTS we guarantee you will not get bored or complacent with your workout. As your ability, strength & overall fitness improve your workout will be adjusted to bring you to the next level of fitness. We will continually assess your progress and if necessary revise your program in order for you to continue to move toward your goals, be challenged, and see results.

Training . . . in a small group with a uniquely personal touch.

At RESULTS you will get the benefits of a small group; energy, peer support; and camaraderie, yet each exercise will be modified by your trainer to accommodate your fitness level and strength assuring that all our clients meet their individual health & fitness goals.

Success . . . happens at RESULTS!

Conveniently located at 85 West Pearl Street Nashua NH 03060, Results Fitness Studio is easily accessible from the surrounding Southern New Hampshire towns. In addition to Nashua, our clients come from Merrimack, Hollis, Windham, Pelham, Hudson, Amherst, Bedford NH, and Lowell & Dracut MA. If you're looking for affordable core and strength training in New Hampshire, call us today at 603-718-0335 schedule your first free session!